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CSBC is a community centred church attempting to engage with its local community and spread God's love in Islington and beyond.  Our building has a 'Living Room' which provides an opportunity to share God's love with our community through various activity groups including a Crafts Group, a Community Cafe and an English Conversation Class (our Stay & Play group outgrew it and meets in the main church!). In addition to this, the church acts as a base for other churches, community groups such as AA & NA groups and charities including the Islington Centre for Refugees & Migrants. 


Cross Street is aware of God’s commission to spread the Gospel to the whole world, and we take this responsibility seriously. One benefit of being located in the centre of a global city like London, is that we have the chance to share God’s love to people of all nationalities, who often return to their country passing on the good news.

Over the last year we have run many events open for the community, such as a Pancake Partys, Easter events, Summer barbecues and Fun Days at local parks, singing Christmas Carols at Angel Central & New Year's parties and similar events. We also have a weekly outreach team who share God's love with the community around us by building relationships, sharing the gospel and praying for people.

Cross Street also supports other missions both nationally and internationally through giving to estabilished Christian Organisations which spread the gospel and tackle injustice and poverty. These include BU Home Mission, BMS World Mission, Tear Fund & Bamboo Bridge in Vietnam, as well as smaller charities set up by members of the church.

One of our church members, Moses, has taken up a management position to spiritually and financially restore a Christian Hospital in Nigeria (Egbe Hospital Revitalization Project) and now spends his time split between the two countries, see for more details.

In addition to this, the church acts as a base for other churches, community groups and charities. Our weekly groups are described below:

Islington Centre for Refugees and Migrants

An independent charity welcoming and teaching refugees and asylum seekers who want to integrate with society in the UK.  Our aim is to help people to gain the skills they need to make a new life.  We believe in looking after the whole person - attending to each person's practical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual well-being. We know that it takes time to develop a sense of belonging, especially after leaving one's own country under traumatic conditions, so we strive to give people that time.  Our particular concern is for refugees and asylum seekers who don't yet speak English and find it hard to communicate. We work together to build a safe and positive experience of community, where people can share their gifts with one another and strangers can become friends.

Emmanuel Ethiopian Evangelical Christian Fellowship

It is believed that there are about 30,000 Eithiopians living in Britain.  To reach out to these people with Christ's Good News and to encourage them to work for the kingdom of God regardless of their age and denominational differences, a non-demoninational fellowship was formed. 'Emmanuel Eithiopian Evangelical Christian Fellowship' is inclusive of all denominations and have Amharic meetings and services at Cross Street Baptist Church every Thursday from 6:30-8:30pm and every Sunday from 3-6pm. We have additional prayer and worship programmes and welcome everybody who would like to join us.

Alcoholics Anonymous & Narcotics Anonymous

An Alcoholics Anonymous group (1-2-3 Newcomers & Beginners) meet in the Church on Wednesday evening at 6-7pm.  They are concerned with the personal recovery and continued sobriety of individual alcoholics who turn to the Fellowship for help. There is also a new Narcotics Anonymous Group meeting on Thursdays between 5.30-7pm.

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