Get Involved

At CSBC we believe God has a plan and purpose for each life [Jeremiah 29:11], so we encourage all our members to use their God given gifts to serve God and their neighbours- this is what we call ministry. Below are a sample selection of the various ministies that operate at the church.

If you would like to become more involved in serving or would like to find out more about the activities, please speak to one of the Leadership after a Sunday service.

Community Hub / Outreach

CSBC is a community centred church attempting to engage with its local community and spread God's love in Islington and beyond.  Our building has a 'Living Room' which provides an opportunity to share God's love with our community through various activity groups. We also host other churches, community groups and charities in the area.

Discipleship Training
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Cross Street Baptist Church intends to develop each member into whom Christ has called them to be.  We train and develop each other's character and faith, through meeting together in Life Groups for fellowship, prayer and exploring God's word. Our aim is to grow to maturity; serving God and reproducing the character of Christ Jesus in us and others.
Praise & Worship

We are called to worship God as the King of Kings.  We can express worship in varied ways such as singing, dancing etc. but worship is a way of living. Our desire is to honour and glorify God at all times and not just have a musical performance on Sunday.

Prayer & Intercession
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CSBC places great importance on prayer as we believe that God rules over all and as scripture says, without Him we can do nothing. We recognise that prayer is not about asking for what we want but seeking God's direction and action in our lives and growing in our relationships with him. We therefore pray to seek God's will in everything.
Children & Youth Work
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We believe that God treasures all his children regardless of their age and that he seeks for them to grow and come to maturity in their faith. Young people have great potential to be in close relationship with him and serve him even at a young age. Indeed, the kingdom is for those who receive it like a child!