I'm New

Never been to church before and have lots of questions?  We hope you are able to find answers below.  We love new people and welcome everyone.

I have never been to church, can I just walk in?

Yes, our services start at 11am and there should be someone near the door to welcome you in and direct you to anything you need. All are welcome and we do not discriminate on any grounds.

How long is the service?

It’s usually a maximum of two hours, which includes music, prayer and teaching.

What should I expect?

There is a worship band who will lead the singing (you don't have to sing). We share church news, pray together, read from the Bible and listen to someone speak about God's Word for us today.

What do I wear?

You don't have to wear a suit and tie (unless you want to), you can wear a T-shirt & jeans if you wish. You will be welcomed whether smartly or casually dressed.

I've got children, can I bring them along?

We welcome children of all ages. The church is usually full of them as our Pastor has five children!  We have a variety of children's groups and activities to suit different ages.

I’ve just moved here and I’m looking for a church to join, what’s your church like?

Our church is a vibrant, multicultural, Bible-believing church. The worship music is contemporary but we also sing traditional songs.

How can I get involved?

The church operates thoughout the week, and everyone is welcome to all our activities.  Check out the Events & Schedule pages for more information on activities, and if you want to join in see the Get Involved pages.

What do Christians believe?

The simplest description of the fundamentals of the Christian faith are expressed in the video by Christianity Explored: http://www.christianityexplored.org/what-is-christianity

I have never been to a Baptist church, what do Baptists believe?

Baptist churches believe the Bible fully, and function as independent churches which are interlinked.  You may notice we have a baptismal 'pool' under the stage, as we believe in and practice believer's baptism. If you're interested in finding out more, see the About Us section.

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